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Powerful collaborations


Today I’m thinking about collaboration –  part three of my simple triad of business success:

⭐️  Mindset

⭐️  Marketing

⭐️  Collaboration

When I set up my one-woman business I knew it would be really important to create strong collaborative relationships to support me and help my business to thrive.

Collaboration for me comes in many shapes and sizes – I’d like to share just three.


🐝 Support and coaching from a critical friend. Sandra Norval, Managing Director of Catalicity has been my coach for the past year, and I’ve been Sandra’s coach – a win-win collaboration of mutual support.


🐝  Sharing complementary skills. I have just started to work with Jane Midwinter, ex-headteacher and coach.  We’ll be delivering some training together next week and we’re talking about future projects too.


🐝  Developing large-scale projects. Sometimes turning a big idea into reality means bringing a team together. I’m doing just that with some other associates from always possible – watch this space for more on this in the come months.

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Marketing tips


This post explores marketing – part two of my simple triad of business success:

⭐️ Mindset

⭐️ Marketing

⭐️ Collaboration

Marketing was one of my biggest unknowns when I set up my coaching business.  Week after week, month after month, my to do list had the words “do marketing” on it, and week after week, there was no tick beside these words.  It took some time, but eventually I realised that I had no idea how to “do marketing”.  I know I’m not alone in this, so here are some tips of what’s working for me.


💡 I found an expert to help me learn the basics.  You don’t have to blow the budget on expensive training courses, there are lots of good value marketing workshops, webinars and programmes out of there. I’ve used Brighton Chamber of Commerce, Kim Arnold and Claire Mitchell of The Girls Mean Business.


💡 In the early months I agonised about writing  the ‘perfect’ marketing words for my ideal customer.  It was such a relief when the penny dropped and I realised that what I want to say isn’t a fixed thing – it continually evolves.  This meant I didn’t have to get it ‘right’ first time – it was more important for me to write some clear and simple messages and then to start using the words and ideas I had developed.  It was soon clear which bits were working and which were falling flat.


💡 Know what you want your marketing to achieve. This might seem obvious – more sales and income right?  Yes, but that will take time (several months probably).  This year my marketing goals include establishing my reputation and credibility, building collaborations and telling my story – thank you Susan Payton.


Next time – collaboration!

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The importance of mindset


Approaching the three-year anniversary of setting up my own business, I’ve been reflecting on the differences between me as business owner and me as employee. From leading a team of experts to owner of a one-woman business doing pretty much everything myself.

I have a simple triad of business success:

⭐️ Mindset

⭐️ Marketing

⭐️ Collaboration

First, mindset.  As a coach, I know how powerful it can be to tackle those nagging fears head on and to believe that change is possible.


😨 from being terrified by everything I didn’t know

😃 to learning from experts and outsourcing the bits I don’t want to get good at (thanks to the lovely people at @Keepers Accountancy)


😨 from being reluctant to praise my own work

😃 to separating ‘me’ from my services and happily promoting those


😨 from worrying about where the next piece of work will come from

😃 to picking up the phone and telling people I’m here and I can help

Next time – marketing!

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Business lessons from dog training


An unlikely title for a blog perhaps, but a recent training session with my anxious German Shepherd has got me thinking.  Chica is a gentle giant, but gets scared around other dogs – especially small ones.  Her anxiety manifests in apparently aggressive growls, snarls and fierce body language.  However, when challenged she either runs away or hides behind me for protection.  I’ve been at a loss about how to help her.

In just one training session I have learnt to distract Chica so that she forgets to feel anxious.  I have discovered that I’ve been confusing her by talking too much and that she is eager to give the behaviour I’m looking for when she understands what I want.  And I also now know that she’ll do anything for cooked turkey!

This experience has provided some useful learning to apply to some current business challenges.  Rather than sharing what I have learnt, I’d be interested to know whether this story resonates with you.