In a gentle way, you can shake the world (Gandhi)

earth-11008_1920I’ve been thinking about our beautiful planet recently – perhaps prompted by the UK’s current heatwave and drought (climate change?). It can be all too easy to feel overwhelmed and despairing about what we can do as individuals in the face of environmental problems on such a huge scale.

All that many of us can do is take individual responsibility for our own actions. So I’ve made the decision to make small incremental changes in my day to day living to lessen my impact.

Here’s this month’s list:

  • No more clingfilm in my house (a plate on top of a bowl works perfectly)
  • Disposable face wipes and cotton wool are banished in favour of a fully washable flannel
  • I’m proud owner of a lovely metal water bottle which keeps drinks cool even in a hot car
  • I filled a bag with discarded plastic on a recent dog walk along the beach

As I’ve started making these changes, I’ve been thinking a lot about my great aunt and my grandparents.  They recycled, upcycled and picked up litter as a matter of course.

What have you been doing to lessen your impact on our beautiful planet?

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Marketing tips


This post explores marketing – part two of my simple triad of business success:

⭐️ Mindset

⭐️ Marketing

⭐️ Collaboration

Marketing was one of my biggest unknowns when I set up my coaching business.  Week after week, month after month, my to do list had the words “do marketing” on it, and week after week, there was no tick beside these words.  It took some time, but eventually I realised that I had no idea how to “do marketing”.  I know I’m not alone in this, so here are some tips of what’s working for me.


💡 I found an expert to help me learn the basics.  You don’t have to blow the budget on expensive training courses, there are lots of good value marketing workshops, webinars and programmes out of there. I’ve used Brighton Chamber of Commerce, Kim Arnold and Claire Mitchell of The Girls Mean Business.


💡 In the early months I agonised about writing  the ‘perfect’ marketing words for my ideal customer.  It was such a relief when the penny dropped and I realised that what I want to say isn’t a fixed thing – it continually evolves.  This meant I didn’t have to get it ‘right’ first time – it was more important for me to write some clear and simple messages and then to start using the words and ideas I had developed.  It was soon clear which bits were working and which were falling flat.


💡 Know what you want your marketing to achieve. This might seem obvious – more sales and income right?  Yes, but that will take time (several months probably).  This year my marketing goals include establishing my reputation and credibility, building collaborations and telling my story – thank you Susan Payton.


Next time – collaboration!

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Brave decisions – and their consequences


15 years ago this month my then partner (now husband) asked me a question.  As I considered my answer, I realised I had to make a brave decision.  What I didn’t know was that my decision would still be impacting on my life today.

The question?  He asked me to leave my job as a teacher and sail away to the Caribbean on his yacht.  Many people might see this as a no-brainer, but for me it wasn’t a far from easy decision.

I loved my job, I was financially secure and I had a good life in Sussex.  I had always taken the safe options in life – good job, work hard, save for the future – you know the routine.  But, the idea of sharing in his great adventure made this offer too good to refuse, so I said yes!

After months of hard graft and preparation we sailed away, crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean, sailing around the islands and returning to the UK three years later.

When I said yes, I could hardly have guessed the long-term consequences of my decision.  I had intended to return to teaching once the adventure was over.  I never did that.  My career journey took a very different route, which ultimately led to me establishing my own business.

The old risk-averse me would never have taken the risk of self-employment.  The me who had sailed across oceans and learned so much about myself in the process knew that risks can bring great rewards, and after all – “what is the worst that can happen?”


Calling people in, or near Worthing

Next week I will be part of always possible’s takeover of Colonnade House, in Worthing from 12-17 March. If you are interested in creative thinking, problem solving or decision making, we have workshops, debates, lunchtime picnics, 1:1 coaching, business surgeries and drinks – all free, or ‘pay what you can’.

Very special guests include:

– Alex Bailey – CEO, Adur & Worthing Council
– Jo Sullivan – Superstar Arts
– Ben Clench – Author, ‘Ben Again’
– Josie Kelly – Chair, (first ever) Worthing Pride
– Alison Rendle – leadership coach
– Emma Turner – social enterprise guru
– Hesan Yousif – IT, cyber security & data wizard
– Cat Rose – The Creative Introvert
– Leo Sedgley – founder of DailyDo
– Dan Flanagan – writer of the ‘dadifesto’ and founder of Tot Rockin’ Beats
– Davina Sambath – Customer Journey Strategist and Designer 


and many many more. Please book tickets, pop down and say hello and spread the word.


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“Everyone should have a mentor”

This is what I was told when I asked a student why he had signed up for the University of Brighton’s Momentum mentoring programme.  I enjoyed the time I spent last year mentoring that student.  And I’m delighted to now be working with another student as she completes her studies and carves out a new career path.

Momentum is a programme which matches volunteer mentors with students to help them to build confidence and develop their employability skills.  I get so much enjoyment mentoring students through the programme – it’s a true partnership with benefits and learning flowing in both directions.

In the words of the great Oprah Winfrey:

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”


Brighton Association for Coaching co-coaching forum

The next meeting of the AC’s co-coaching forum will take place on Monday 3rd July 2-4 pm at Stanmer House on the outskirts of Brighton (BN1 9QA).

The theme is feedback – please think about a question that you would like the group to consider. The session will start with a discussion around this theme, followed by our usual co-coaching triads.

If the weather stays fine there will be an opportunity to coach in the wonderful surroundings of Stanmer Park for those who like to work outside.

Please email me to book your place, and I look forward to seeing you there.

Dates for future meetings:
Wednesday 13th September 2-4 pm – topic: building a coaching business model


Executive coaching in education

Follow this link to view my new coaching programmes for leaders and teachers in schools and colleges: alison-rendle-coaching

If you think about the great teachers you have known and the great leaders who have inspired you, you will probably notice that they share similar characteristics.

They live by their values and refuse to compromise on the things that really matter.  They are great communicators.  They care deeply about the people they work with and those they serve.  They are resilient, flexible and pragmatic, and they consistently deliver.

Our schools and colleges are full of great teachers and great leaders, who are working hard to deliver the very best education they can to improve the life chances of their pupils.  And they continue to do this through ongoing changes to the curriculum and assessment regimes and shifting government education policies.

I am very pleased to launch three new coaching programmes designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s education leaders and teachers.

These programmes are rooted in my deep knowledge and passion for education, and in the latest coaching research and thinking.  They are designed to support improved skills and performance, enhance goal attainment, resilience and well-being.

Please contact me to discuss your coaching requirements.