Meet Alison


“Alison’s coaching is insightful, warm, and – most importantly – very effective.

I spend my working week helping leaders and future leaders  to achieve the things that matter most to them right now.

Why? Because I’ve got to where I am now thanks to some truly remarkable leaders.

They believed in me, they gave me opportunities, they helped me to learn from things that went wrong, and they were right beside me cheering me on when I succeeded.  They were inspiring and – above all – they remained true to their beliefs.

Now I work as a professional coach and facilitator, drawing on all I have learnt through a successful career as a senior leader in education and the public sector.  I deliver coaching and development programmes for leaders in education, in SMEs , in the creative sectors and in local government. I also work with emerging leaders, students and those early in their careers.

Changing Chances

I am co-founder and director of Changing Chances, working alongside wonderful leader and educationalist Kit Messenger.

Changing Chances is on a mission to improve the life chances of children and young people who struggle at home, in the classroom and beyond. We provide training to the adults around the child: parents and carers; teachers; school leaders and professionals working with children.

Working in partnership

I believe in the power of collaboration.  So I seek out partnerships with people and organisations with great values and a mission to make a real difference.

That’s why I am so proud to be working as an associate coach for Genius Withinproviding in-work coaching support to help people with neurodiverse conditions to fulfil their potential at work.

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I’m also a full, accredited member of the Association for Coaching.


If you’d like to work with me, you may want to read about my professional credentials.