Meet Alison


“Alison’s coaching is insightful, warm, and – most importantly – very effective.

I am a professional coach and facilitator, with more than 25 years’ experience in educational leadership.

I care about helping leaders in all walks of life to succeed where it  matters most.

Why? Because I’ve got to where I am now thanks to some truly memorable leaders.

They believed in me; they gave me opportunities; they helped me to learn when things went wrong; and they were there cheering me on when I succeeded.  They were inspiring;  they were positive role models and – above all – they remained true to what they believed in.

Now I have the good fortune to spend my working week coaching and delivering development programmes for leaders in education, in small businesses, in the creative sector and in local government.

If you’re interested in working with me, you might want to find out more about my professional credentials.

Associate work

I love collaborating with people and organisations with great values and a mission to make a real difference.  I am therefore delighted to work as an associate with three exciting and innovative Sussex-based companies:

always possible, a Brighton-based consultancy and training company dedicated to building the power of leaders in business, culture and society to be brilliant.

Fulcrum Learning: a small company whose core purpose is to support schools, colleges and educational networks on their journey to excellence.

Genius Within: provides in-work support to help people with neurodiverse conditions to fulfil their potential at work and in their career.  They also support children, parents, carers and professionals through a new service: Blooming Genius.