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The importance of mindset


Approaching the three-year anniversary of setting up my own business, I’ve been reflecting on the differences between me as business owner and me as employee. From leading a team of experts to owner of a one-woman business doing pretty much everything myself.

I have a simple triad of business success:

⭐️ Mindset

⭐️ Marketing

⭐️ Collaboration

First, mindset.  As a coach, I know how powerful it can be to tackle those nagging fears head on and to believe that change is possible.


😨 from being terrified by everything I didn’t know

😃 to learning from experts and outsourcing the bits I don’t want to get good at (thanks to the lovely people at @Keepers Accountancy)


😨 from being reluctant to praise my own work

😃 to separating ‘me’ from my services and happily promoting those


😨 from worrying about where the next piece of work will come from

😃 to picking up the phone and telling people I’m here and I can help

Next time – marketing!

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