Calling people in, or near Worthing

Next week I will be part of always possible’s takeover of Colonnade House, in Worthing from 12-17 March. If you are interested in creative thinking, problem solving or decision making, we have workshops, debates, lunchtime picnics, 1:1 coaching, business surgeries and drinks – all free, or ‘pay what you can’.

Very special guests include:

– Alex Bailey – CEO, Adur & Worthing Council
– Jo Sullivan – Superstar Arts
– Ben Clench – Author, ‘Ben Again’
– Josie Kelly – Chair, (first ever) Worthing Pride
– Alison Rendle – leadership coach
– Emma Turner – social enterprise guru
– Hesan Yousif – IT, cyber security & data wizard
– Cat Rose – The Creative Introvert
– Leo Sedgley – founder of DailyDo
– Dan Flanagan – writer of the ‘dadifesto’ and founder of Tot Rockin’ Beats
– Davina Sambath – Customer Journey Strategist and Designer 


and many many more. Please book tickets, pop down and say hello and spread the word.


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