Executive coaching in education

Follow this link to view my new coaching programmes for leaders and teachers in schools and colleges: alison-rendle-coaching

If you think about the great teachers you have known and the great leaders who have inspired you, you will probably notice that they share similar characteristics.

They live by their values and refuse to compromise on the things that really matter.  They are great communicators.  They care deeply about the people they work with and those they serve.  They are resilient, flexible and pragmatic, and they consistently deliver.

Our schools and colleges are full of great teachers and great leaders, who are working hard to deliver the very best education they can to improve the life chances of their pupils.  And they continue to do this through ongoing changes to the curriculum and assessment regimes and shifting government education policies.

I am very pleased to launch three new coaching programmes designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s education leaders and teachers.

These programmes are rooted in my deep knowledge and passion for education, and in the latest coaching research and thinking.  They are designed to support improved skills and performance, enhance goal attainment, resilience and well-being.

Please contact me to discuss your coaching requirements.



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